Thanks for checking out my senior thesis! As of now it's still in the phase of being fleshed out and iterated upon. Please feel free to come back soon and look for updates!

Concept: In the near future when robots become autonomous, they clash with mankind. In a reckless act to defeat the synthetic lifeforms, mankind nuked the planet causing irreversible damage to all of the planet's resources. 100 years after that battle the planet is in shambles. Mankind has slowly rebuilt small civilizations and towns. Nuclear radiation has caused mutations that have allowed nature over time to take back former cities, creating a new battleground for scavengers fighting against each other for control of the land and the resources.

Game Type: Tactics RPG/Isometric Action Game


UI Design

Player party menu concept v2

Locations Travel menu v2

Mockup of a UI for a tactics-like battle system.

Characters and Asset Design

Environment Designs