About The Project

Hey there, thanks for checking out my fan art project!

A while back I wanted to do a personal project where I redesigned the UI for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but never got the time to get around to it. Then while I was listening to the Giant Bombcast, Jeff quipped that Capcom should just make a versus game against themselves to prevent getting hamstrung by Disney and Marvel’s licensing issues and I figured that’d be a really funny spin on my initial idea.

I’m excited to keep playing with this and see where I can take it. I hope you continue to follow my updates on my Instagram and Twitter!

If you like what you see feel free to let me know using #CapcomVsCapcom



In total, there will be 50 characters represented in the roster, all taken from various Capcom IP ranging from more popular titles such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil to more niche ones like Rival Schools and Breath of Fire. Hope you enjoy as I roll them out!