Don't we all wonder what some older games would look like if they got a fresh coat of paint? That's the feeling that I got while replaying Alpha Centauri. The gameplay is still there, but the interface is dated and stuck in the 90's. This is a personal project that I'm taking on during my senior year in college where the main goal is to redesign the look and feel of the user interface in the Sid Meier classic, Alpha Centauri.


The Project Mentor

Dave Inscore is the Art Director at Sparkypants Studios, and is a proud alum of Maryland Institute College of Art ('95 Illustration). Back in 1998 he was the Firaxis artist responsible for the look and feel of the UI in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. He is excited to help guide Keegan as he attempts to breathe much needed life back into SMAC's "vintage" interface graphics.

Project Blog

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